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Fill and Chill

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We at “Fill and Chill” Cocktail Bar in collaboration with restaurant Change your Mind, offer you a cozy outdoor space with an atmosphere that acts as a place for creativity, friends, couples, and seniors to share a drink together as equals. With our carefully curated drinks menu, you’re sure to be delighted with every sip. We use only locally sourced fresh fruits  and all our syrups are homemade. Come and join us for our delicious Cocktails and Drinks!

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Our Signature Cocktails

Our Cocktails can make the perfect addition to your Sunset experience. Not sure what to drink? Our Bar staff would be more than happy to help you decide

Fill and Chill

Attention to Details

“Fill and Chill is specially designed for you to enjoy some exotic cocktails. All our cocktails are freshly prepared using high-quality ingredients and each recipe is crafted to perfection with exact measures. Come and join us for our delicious Cocktails and Drinks!

our Cocktails

Fresh & Colorful

Whether it’s the standard cocktails or the ones that we’ve created, the Fill and Chill, you’ll find a cocktail that you love. Our bartenders will guide you well.

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